Code9 Evolutions

Home of the Glock Operator's Tool

Code9 was founded by John C. And Rob B. We are both former police officers who took a leap of faith and ventured into a world where our visions could be realized. The G.O.T. is our first product release and it is the beginning of our vision. We want to be a conduit for the great ideas that are often born in all of our minds, that many times we create and then push aside, to become a reality. The G.O.T. started as a simple idea, that has become a reality, that will continue to create other ways for Code9 Evolutions to serve our communities. One leap of faith, a single idea, and a world of possibilities to serve and help others in the future.

About the Name

The first part, “Code9”, comes from some versions of police ten code. Code 9 stands for someone who is mentally ill in some way. Rather than seeing the negative connotation to this, we adopted it as a way to show that thinking differently isn’t always a negative thing. Many of the greatest minds in history were considered abnormal, or even ‘crazy’. To be willing to think differently, to fail, to tread on your own path, are all things we value. Without them, this company, and the G.O.T., would not exist.

The second part, “Evolutions”, comes from multiple places. The obvious is the evolution of ideas and the things which are born of them. This is the lifeblood of any good company interested in serving their customers. Evolution is also derived from my own great respect for Navy Seals(and all military members who serve, of course). The ‘Evolutions’ they go through in training were, and are, an inspiration to me. As a kid, I wanted to be a Seal. I’d go whole days pretending to be out on a mission. Unfortunately, I got Type 1 Diabetes as a teenager and that dream was gone. So, in some way, this is my homage to a path I never got to take and still hold in the highest regard.