We’ll be adding more things as people bring them up and please feel free to contact us with something you want to be included here. Thanks for taking the time to learn about the Glock Operator’s Tool.

The Glock Operator’s Tool FAQ Section

Does the G.O.T. come with a warranty?

Yes. The G.O.T. is warrantied for the lifetime of the buyer. Simply mail the broken or damaged G.O.T. back and we will replace it- no questions asked. Need assistance, contact us here. We only want it back to see how it was broken- and to possibly use whoever broke it as a bodyguard!

Do you teach people how to take apart their Glock pistols?

No, this is the sole domain of Glock themselves. We encourage all of our customers to utilize the resources and guidance Glock provides.

How do we use the G.O.T. with each feature?

You can visit our Support Page for the tutorials we have developed, and we will be publishing more detailed pictures and videos on this website, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram which are all linked at the top and bottom of every page on this site. Follow and like us so that you can keep updated!

Is the G.O.T. the only product offered by Code9 Evolutions?

At this time, we are focusing on the G.O.T. only so we can perfect the product and serve our customers with the best we have to offer. We have other products currently in the pipeline and the initial offering of the G.O.T. will pave the way for some great things to come!

Are you affiliated with Glock?

We are not affiliated with Glock. We use Glocks and love the company and their products. The G.O.T. was born out of our own use of Glock pistols.

What is the G.O.T. made of?

The G.O.T. is made of a plastic polymer that is EXTREMELY strong. It is UV resistant and made through an injection molding process that results in a tool that is able to withstand extreme pressure. In any case, you are always protected by your warranty.

Why Buy the G.O.T.?

Why should you change your current routine and buy the Glock Operator's Tool?

Change can be hard- especially when you develop a habit and routine. I stuck with the same frustrating, time-consuming, wasteful routine for literally decades simply out of habit and an apparent lack of good options. Enter the G.O.T.

Let’s cut to the chase, the Holy Grail- more time shooting, less time everything else! I keep my Glocks as spotless and well maintained as possible. It’s a point of pride, and safety, for me. But when it comes right down to it, I want to be shooting, not fiddling around. If you want more time shooting and less time doing everything else, the Glock Operator’s Tool is for you.

"But I can use the slide to maintain the firing pin."

You can but why would you when you have the option of a firing pin channel on the G.O.T. that fully secures the firing pin? A long day at the range, numerous pistols to work on, dirty or slippery parts, arthritis, whatever it may be, why not use the best tool for the job?

The G.O.T. has been extensively tested by professionals, armorers, civilians, and, of course, us! We stand behind it for the lifetime of the buyer. If your tool breaks, send it back and you get a new one. Period.

"How I do things now isn't that hard"

How can you know until you experience the alternative? The G.O.T. will save you:

  • time by streamlining your cleaning routine. I can’t emphasize this benefit enough.
  • money by reducing the supplies you use (swabs, pads, lube, solvent etc).
  • aggravation of losing parts, struggling to get to tight spots the G.O.T. can easily clean.

"For the price of the G.O.T. I can buy lots of other supplies"

The G.O.T. costs $20 and is 5 tools in 1.

The G.O.T. will pay for itself in time saved and cleaning supplies saved. When you experience how quickly and efficiently you can maintain your Glocks, you will wonder where a tool like this has been for all these years.

Let’s run some numbers and look at some pieces:

Standard Glock Punch – $12.00 (ours works the same in this regard)

Magazine Plate Tool – $19.99 (ours is polymer, reducing the risk of any damage or scarring – and built into our $20 5 in 1 tool already).

Slide Rail Cleaner – Whatever riggery you can come up with, or you can use the one built into the G.O.T. You are already $11.01 ahead of the game at this point, and now you have a primary tool for this with the G.O.T.

Gen 4 Back-strap Removal Tool: Doesn’t exist – except for the one we built into the G.O.T. So, you use a screwdriver? Or, some other thing? Well, you get a damage-free solution with your G.O.T.

Firing Pin Channel Assist Tool – Doesn’t exist elsewhere, so you’re left with riggery again, and the occasional flying parts. With the G.O.T. you have an extra set of precision hands doing all the work of keeping things in order for you.

So, we just came in under the costs of two existing tools and reduced the need for a handful of other tools, q-tips, old credit cards, or whatever else you got shoved in your cleaning kit – with one simple and affordable, yet streamlined item – The Glock Operator’s Tool

glock firing pin tool

"I just use a punch and have never had an issue"

The punch is clearly the basis for the tool- but with the other features we included all on one tool, just put it in your range set up and you’re done! One tool for all your Glocks.

"I can use other tools for the magazine disassembly"

Yes, you can. However, the G.O.T. takes the work out of working on your magazines, works on all of them plus the .380, and includes all of the other functions too. It’s also made of a durable plastic polymer so you’re using plastic on plastic rather than steel etc.