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Glock: America’s Gun

By September 28, 2018November 15th, 2018About Glock

How did the Glock become America’s gun? Gaston Glock created a firearm as a response to the needs of the people. Glock’s firearm was created through a grassroots research method: the people asked for a gun with a greater magazine capacity, greater reliability, greater durability and an ease of use, Gaston Glock responded by making such a gun. In essence, Glock wasn’t a gun maker, but an engineer who found a way to simplify existing technology. This simplification created, arguably, the World’s most successful firearm; the firearm that replaced the Smith & Wesson as America’s firearm of choice.

Gaston Glock’s firearm debuted during the 1980’s and America’s Milieu was primed for a reliable pistol. Our own Smith & Wesson, although having achieved the status of iconically American, proved to flop when pitted against Europe’s accurate semi-automatic weaponry: at 75, Smith & Wesson’s 38 Special, was archaic.

During the 1980’s, criminals out-gunned the American police force. The standard issue Smith & Wesson 38 Special fell short of the European Sig Sauer and Berretta, standard carry weapons of the era’s criminal element. It was a series of incidents involving the FBI and bank robbers, in Miami, that persuaded the American police force to abandon Smith & Wesson’s 38 Special.

“The American gun establishment was caught unaware by Gaston Glock. And before they knew it, he had made this huge incursion on [the American] market.” Upon establishing the Glock as the American Police force’s standard issue firearm, Glock utilized his leverage to win over the Americas civilian carry market.

Code9, the World’s premier manufacturer of the most useful Glock maintenance tool, referred to as the GOT, was founded by John C. And Rob B, former law enforcement officers who wanted to create a simple and effective Glock maintenance tool. They achieved their dream by creating the GOT.

What was the inspiration for dubbing a Glock maintenance tool company Code9? John C and Rob B transliterated jargon from Police Ten Code. Code 9, in police force jargon, refers to someone who is mentally ill. However, this duo shed the code’s negative stigma: transliterated the jargon. “ We adopted it as a way to show that thinking differently isn’t always a negative thing. Many of the greatest minds in history were considered abnormal, or even crazy,” stated John C. and Rob B.

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