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Glock Benefits

By August 6, 2018November 15th, 2018About Glock

Glocks, arguably, are the easiest to use and accurate handguns. However, there are a number of aftermarket upgrades that enhance this firearm’s stunning features.

A Glock may be modified for greater accuracy, which is ideal for competitive shooters, or have the capacity increased to possess more rounds, something that’s ideal for self-defense. According to, there exists a multitude of aftermarket drop-ins. These drop-ins enhance the Glock’s functionality. Aftermarket drop-ins include barrels for unsupported calibers, extend round magazines and much more.

Base Plates

The Glock’s base plate may be replaced for additional ammo and comfort. For example, Tara Tactical’s base pad kit has gained popularity among competitive shooters due to the increased weight and five additional rounds. The additional weight allows the magazine to easily drop out of its well, giving competitive shooters the ability to changes magazines quickly.

Rail Attachments

Glock began to add rail attachments in the mid-Nineties. The third generation pistol was the first to allow for this type of modification. Added lights and lasers greatly improve target acquisition. Viridian C5L, for example, produces a combined 100-lumen light and 5MW laser. This attachment fits snuggly between the trigger guard and muzzle.

Trigger Modifications

Trigger modifications are among the most interesting upgrades. Glock provides a reliable 5.5-pound trigger assembly, however, those who desire unsurpassed trigger performance should check out They produce trigger drop-in kits with competitive shooters in mind. These triggers offer clean trigger breaks, short reset durations, and a 3.5-pound pull.


There are a number of reasons a shooter may want to change the barrel. Threaded barrels make for the quick attachment of suppressors and compensators. You may also change the caliber of the Glock without changing the firearm itself by virtue of a conversion kit. Essentially, there’s nothing wrong with the factory barrel, but these drop-ins change the nature of the firearm.


Why purchase a Glock? One could write a book in response to this question, however, briefly, Gaston Glock created a firearm as a response to the needs of the people. Glock’s firearm was created through a grassroots research method: the people asked for a gun with a greater magazine capacity, greater reliability, greater durability and an ease of use, Gaston Glock responded by making such a gun. Moreover, aftermarket drop-ins increase the potential of this durable and accurate firearm.

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