How Does Glock’s Safe Action System Work?

By November 15, 2018About Glock

Among firearm enthusiasts, maintenance and safety are topmost topics of interest. A well-maintained firearm is reliable and a firearm with a trustworthy safety system prevents unintentional discharge – an unintentional discharge may be deadly. However, Glock, America’s favorite firearm, has confronted this issue with a revolutionary technology: Glock’s Safe Action System allows a shooter multiple discharges without disengaging and re-engaging the safety. Yet, Glock’s Safe Action System doesn’t allow for accidental discharge when dropped.

Glock’s Safe Action System is renowned the world over. This cutting-edge system provides a consistent trigger pull from the first to the last round – a smooth and constant trigger-pull is essential in competition and self-defense scenarios. Moreover, Glock’s 5.5-pound trigger allows for ease of discharge, something all firearm enthusiasts desire in a handgun.

Glock’s Safe Action System is fully automated. This mechanically superior design consists of 3 passive safeties. Each safety operates autonomously and disengages sequentially, upon a reliably smooth trigger-pull. The 3 independent safeties automatically re-engage when the trigger is released. Glock’s safe, simple, and fast system allows the user to fully concentrate on the target without having any additional actions to disengage and re-engage safeties.

Sequentially, the trigger-safety is the first in the series to disengage. This safety is a built into the trigger and consist of a simple lever. When engaged the lever freezes the trigger – the trigger and lever must be deliberately pressed, simultaneously. Glock’s trigger-safety is designed to prevent the pistol from firing when dropped. Moreover, this design prevents accidental discharge.

Glock’s firing pin safety is the second in the sequence to disengage. This safety mechanically halts the firing pin from moving forward. If you decide not to fire and release the trigger, the firing pin safety automatically re-engages.

Finally, the trigger-bar safety, which rests on the safety ramp mechanism housing, engages the rear portion of the firing pin. This safety prevents the firing pin from moving forward. When the trigger is pulled the trigger-bar is lowered; this allows for the release of the firing pin. After firing, all safeties automatically re-engage.

Additionally, Glock’s Safe Action System functions at temperatures from -40° to 122° Fahrenheit. It’s reliability and safety that makes the Glock America’s Gun!

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