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Installing An Extended Slide Lock On Your Glock

By June 11, 2018May 2nd, 2021Easy Glock Mods

How to Install or Replace An Extended Slide Lock (takedown lever) on a Glock Pistol?

  1. Select a safe work area.
  2. Clear the firearm
  3. Remove the slide.
  4. Depress slide lock spring & remove the slide lock.
  5. Depress slide lock spring & install the new extended slide lock.
  6. Re-install the slide.
  7. Function check the firearm.
The installation of the completed extended slide lock on a glock 21


Installing an extended slide lock, or takedown lever, on your Glock pistol is a popular entry-level mod for Glock owners. The main attribute of this modification is that it saves your fingertips and nails when servicing your Glock. This tutorial will step you through the process.

Recommended Tool

The G.O.T. is an all-in-one, multi-tool for maintenance, cleaning, and assembly/disassembly of ALL Glock pistols.

This project was performed solely with the aid of the Glock Operator’s Tool.

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7 Steps: Install An Extended Slide Lock On Your Glock

1. Work Area: Glock Slide Cover Plate

I always chose a work area that has a safe direction to function check the weapon, has a solid surface, and a protective surface for the Glock pistol itself.

For tools, all you will need is your Glock Tool.

In my situation, I have chosen my kitchen table that faces a full concrete wall. On the outside of this wall is a short gap to a double plank wood fence, and then a small forested area before reaching the neighbor’s house. My table top is solid wood, with a Glock bench mat.

a safe work area beng displayed for glock pistol modifications

2. Clear the Firearm

With your finger off the trigger, point your weapon in a safe direction.

Press the magazine catch (release) and remove the magazine.

While keeping your finger out of the trigger housing, push up on the slide stop lever while pulling the slide to the rear. Lock the slide to the rear.

Visually inspect the chamber and the magazine well, and then follow up by feeling into the areas with your little finger. Verify there is no ammunition.

a person verifying the glock pistol is clear of ammunition inside of the chamber

3. Remove the Slide

After verifying the weapon is clear of ammunition and again pointed in a safe direction, pull back the slide to release the lock, and then allow it to spring forward to close the action.

At this point (while keeping the firearm aimed in a safe direction), pull the trigger. You should hear the click of the firing pin moving forward. This will put the trigger in the rearmost position. The trigger must be in this position for slide removal.

Grasp the rear of the pistol with your hand between your thumb and pointer finger. Reach your four fingers over the top of the slide, and pull back about 1/10 of an inch.

Use your free hand to pull down both sides of the slide lock, and then push the slide forward to release it.

4. Remove the Glock Slide Lock

Looking down into your Glock frame, or lower, you will see the slide lock assembly. This consists of the slide lock itself and a spring. The spring is simply an elongated piece of sprung metal.

Depress the spring with your Glock punch and roll the frame to its side.

The old slide lock will simply fall out.

glock slide lock spring

5. Install the New Extended Slide Lock

Roll the lower, or frame, back to an upright position.

Now, depress the spring again. If you do not depress the spring now, the new extended slide lock will slip right under it.

With the spring depressed, start sliding in the new extended slide lock. Stop as soon as you notice the spring is under it. Release the spring for a moment.

You can pause here for a second and roll the frame back to its side (in the direction you want the new extended slide lock to fall).

With the hand that is holding the frame, you can cover the exit for the extended slide lock with your middle finger. This will prevent the new extended slide lock from just falling straight through.

With this exit hole covered, depress the spring again. The new extended slide lock will now fall into place. You will note the small notch where the spring will catch within the bottom of the extended slide lock. You may need to wiggle it a hair to get that part to line up.

Release the spring and the new extended slide lock is installed.

slide lock new install
slide lock new press spring and catch

6. Re-Install the Slide

Reinstall the barrel and the recoil spring into the slide.

Align the grooves in your slide to the guides on the frame.

Slide “the slide” rearward until you have pulled it all the way back.

Push up the slide lock tabs and lock the slide back.

Pull back on the slide and allow it to rack forward.

Take a quick glance at your awesome new slide lock.

a person aligning the glock slide over the slots in the lower frame.

7. Function Check the Firearm

Be sure the pistol is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction.

Pull the trigger and hold it to the rear. You should hear the firing pin fall (click).

While still holding the trigger to the rear, pull the slide to the rear and release it (it should snap forward).

Release the trigger. It should now be in its forward position.

Repeat this process a few times.

You are now finished installing a new slide cover plate on your Glock pistol.

a person performing a function check on a glock pistol

Why Install an Extended Slide Lock?

The main reason for this upgrade is that this slightly extended slide lock really does save your fingertips and nails when removing the slide. It is completely unobtrusive and makes a world of difference when maintaining your Glock pistol. I am constantly tearing down this Glock 21 for photos and video – my fingers thanked me as soon as it was in.

I have seen some videos calling out the fact that this mod is for people without “man hands” – well, I am a blue-collar guy who builds everything I need, spent 20 years as a mechanic, and did my service in the U.S. Army as a Forward Observer (13F) attached to Light Infantry (woodland camo era)- maybe I have soft hands, or maybe I just like to rid myself of an easy headache. It’s up to you.

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