Pistol Basics: 101

By November 14, 2018 November 15th, 2018 About Glock

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a pistol as “a handgun whose chamber is integral with the barrel.” However, the term pistol is an umbrella term for a variety of firearms. The firearms under this umbrella term come in an array of sizes and are deployed for a variety of purposes.

Despite their placement under one umbrella term, pistols fall into two categories, the Revolver, and the Semi-Automatic. Moreover, these firearms are dissimilar in a multitude of ways. For example, although Glock’s revolver, the R17, is unparalleled in competitions, it possesses a few drawbacks: one being it holds a limited number of rounds. A limitation in rounds causes the revolver, in general, to be considered, by most, inadequate for extreme scenarios.

The Revolver possesses a cylinder with multiple chambers. Upon pulling the trigger, the cylinder rotates around a central pin and aligns with the barrel. One round is fired per trigger pull. Although the revolver possesses a limited number of rounds, its virtue is lack of moving parts – possessing fewer moving parts makes it’s less prone to “hiccups”.

Semi-Automatic firearms don’t possess a cylinder. The Semi-Automatic releases its lead burden via a chamber. Upon firing, a semi-automatic extracts and ejects the empty shell. For example, Glock’s 19 series possesses a magazine that holds up to 33 rounds – a higher round capacity allows the semi-automatic firearm to be the pistol of choice for extreme scenarios.

It’s not merely inner workings that cause pistols to be differentiated. Pistols come in a variety of sizes.

For example, Glock’s Longslide offers the greatest distance between sights for fast target acquisition; the Longslide is the longest barreled pistol produced by Glock.

Yet, Competition Class pistols are slightly shorter than the Longslide, theses quick-draw firearms come in a few millimeters shorter.

However, the Standard is the pistol that law enforcement depends on to protect and serve. Glock, as well as other manufacturers, produce a variety of compact models, each incrementally smaller.

Regardless of which pistol you choose, Glock produces a firearm for you. Glock’s firearms come in a variety of configurations and sizes. For example, Glock’s Slimline, although not mentioned above, is a noteworthy pistol. The Slimline is the carry and conceal pistol of choice for many. Moreover, Glock has been dubbed “America’s Handgun,” it’s arguably the most reliable handgun on the market.

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