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The G.O.T. is an all-in-one, multi-tool for maintenance, cleaning, and assembly/disassembly of ALL Glock pistols.

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Glock Operator’s Tool

by Code9 Evolutions

Lifetime Warranty

Why start with anything other than what G.O.T. you here? The Glock Operator’s Tool is designed to be the solution for maintaining your Glock. It was designed out of our own need to have a proper tool for maintaining our own Glocks- whether it be for cleaning and minor maintenance or full assembly and disassembly. Once we determined the need and the solution, we wanted to share what we created with other Glock owners.

The Glock Operator's Tool is a simple device with everything you need to maintain your Glock. There are some parts of the Glock which are a little tricky: the firing pin cups, disassembly of the magazine and the back straps. The Glock Operator's Tool solves all of these issues.

The Arms Guide

The G.O.T is incredibly strong and is made through a professional injection molding process. We WARRANTY the G.O.T. for your lifetime. Period. Send the G.O.T. back to us and we will replace it- no questions asked.

The G.O.T. has five core functions:

  • ¬†An angled edge to clean the slide rails- no more cotton swabs or improvised sharp, thin edges to get into the channel!
  • An edge to remove the backstrap on Gen 4 models- polymer to polymer to prevent damage.
  • A universal magazine plate removal feature that works on ALL Glock magazines- .380 included!
  • A metal punch to remove pins, among other functions, similar in function to Glock’s own armorer tool.
  • The incredible firing pin channel assist which holds the firing pin assembly securely while you disassemble it- no more springs and cups flying across the room as you attempt to hold it all together!

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 1.5 × 1.5 in

12 reviews for The Glock Operator’s Tool | Glock All in One Tool

  1. Saddleworn

    The Glock Operators Tool performs all the functions advertised well. But be careful! If you just randomly pick it up and hold it by the handle like you would a screwdriver you’re going to stab yourself with the sharp points used to clean the rails. After careful experimentation I was able to find an orientation that allowed me to grasp the tool without stabbing myself. I have to put my thumb on a particular one of the six sides and carefully curl my fingers around the tool paying special attention to where I place my ring and little fingertips. But once I found that orientation I could grasp the tool tightly and use it to remove the locking block and trigger mechanism housing comfortably and without drawing further blood (when removing pins I’m just holding the tool lightly between my index finger and thumb so any orientation works). I like having a single compact tool that does everything you might want to tackle at the range or in the field. At home, where the bulk doesn’t matter, I have specialty tools for everything. But if you’re just starting out and don’t want to spend the money on specialty tools, the GOT is a great all in one tool. The only thing it won’t do is install and remove the firing pin channel liner, but that rarely, if ever, needs to be done – I have the tool but have never used it.

  2. Bob from Macomb County

    I received the GOT (x2) yesterday ….. and I must say it’s impressive…..
    I purchased two of them with the idea that one stays in the Glock go bag/range pack, and one for my armorer’s bench (Glock Certified).
    I can see that I’m either going to have to order more or figure out a way to secure it when I walk away from the bench for a minute!
    Well done…..

    Thanks again… and keep innovating — you’ve got a fan here in Warren, MI!

  3. Eric B.

    Got my first new (to me) Glock and immediately ordered the GOT. I tore down the Gen 3 G21 for the first time (glad I did, don’t think anyone has ever cleaned that thing). Man, how awesome is this tool – I didn’t need a stack of items laying around to get the job done – the GOT did it all!

  4. Scott S.

    I got one for Christmas and used the GOT immediately to take the base plate off my 43 and put on a 2 round extension.
    I tried the extension and it worked flawlessly and I ordered 2 more and I will be taking those base plates off with the GOT. I haven’t cleaned any of my 3 Glocks yet but I will do so after my next trip to the range and the GOT will make that task quicker to accomplish. Scott S.

  5. joankvolkharris

    I received mine the other day and it works great. The shipping was very fast too.

  6. Michael

    I recieved the tool about a week before Christmas and have already used it to change the mag plates on a Glock 26 and the rail cleaning function also. Works as advertised.

  7. Marc

    I have a Gen 4 22 and this tool is the best out there by far. Really well thought out

  8. Fred N.

    There’s a few ‘must have’ items in a Glock builder’s tool box and the G.O.T. is certainly one of them. Been using one down at a buddy’s shop and it simply makes the simple tasks simple…gotta get one if you want to make your Glock life better grin!

  9. Ed Rollins Jr.

    Well made, works like a charm! A must have for every Glock owner!!

  10. Ronnie Hendrix

    I own several glocks, this tool does the job. cleaning the rails are easy now. well made, great tool will buy more

  11. Roy Jenkins

    This GOT works great!

  12. Pete

    Well done guys… Arrived on time for Christmas, well made, Thank you

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