Our G.O.T. Video Library

See the G.O.T. in use, and check back often,
we are currently creating more of these.

Basic Take down and Back Strap Removal 2:31

Basic disassembly using the punch with back strap removal function also shown.

Firing Pin Channel Assist Dis-assembly :20

Never have parts go flying again!

Firing Pin Channel Assist- Assembly :41

Firing Pin Channel Assist allows you to easily take apart and assemble the firing pin.

Magazine Disassembly :42

Taking apart Glock magazines- the G.O.T. works on ALL glock magazines.

Edge Cleaning Function :07

Edged cleaning function allows you to clean the slide rails fully without needing q-tips etc.

More Cleaning Functions 2:41

Various cleaning functions of the Glock Operator’s Tool- this will forever change the way you maintain your Glocks.

Spring Cleaning :55

Cleaning between the spring coil made easy!

Unique Ways To Clean Your Glock 1:18

Your imagination is the only limit- the Glock Operator’s Tool lets you clean in ways you may never have thought of before.