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Top 3 Glocks

By September 13, 2018November 15th, 2018About Glock

The Glock was borne of ingenuity and research. It’s undeniable that Glock produces the World’s most reliable handgun. Yet, of these superb firearms, three have garnished a place among top-notch firearms. This is the definitive Glock collection.

Currently, Glock offers 27 models of firearms, in six calibers. Each pistol performs a unique function, and although comparing these handguns is much like comparing a sedan to a sports car, there exists a consensus among handgun enthusiasts as to which of these reign supreme. While there cannot be a truly definitive list of Glock’s Best, here are 3 to consider adding to your Glock wish list.

  1. Glock 43
  2. Glock 19
  3. Glock 30SF

Handgun enthusiasts resound accolades for the Glock 43. Despite a late arrival on the market, Glock’s 9MM handgun reigns over its predecessors. This seven-round gun is a small, reliable and powerful daily carry gun.

It’s said that the Litmus test for a gun should be reliability and power. Although the Glock 43 is light on power, this gun gets the job done! For this reason, the Glock 43 received a five-star review from Dan Zimmerman, the Editor of

Where the Glock 43 is said to get the job done, the Glock 19 is the ultimate handgun – this handgun trumps in self-defense, target practice and competition! This sixteen round firearm is the most reliable firearm on the market, it’s not the hog assassin that the 10MM Glock 20 is reported to be, but this firearm doesn’t fail when needed most. The Glock 19’s reliability derives from possessing the fewest number of moving parts on the market. “While all mechanical objects can fail,” states, “the GLOCK 19 is [the] Toyota 4Runner [of] reliable and durable.”

However, it’s not just reliability that makes the Glock 19 a top choice among gun enthusiasts, this pistol may be modified with a myriad of aftermarket accessories.

There exists a multitude of aftermarket drop-ins for the Glock 19. These drop-ins enhance the Glock’s functionality. Aftermarket drop-ins include barrels for unsupported ammunition calibers, extend round magazines, flashlights, a 2.5-pound trigger, and various other improvements.

The Glock 30SF ranks among top picks for gun enthusiasts. This 11 to 14 round handgun is said to be the softest .45 caliber weapon on the market. The gun releases its load without an unbearable kick to the carrier.

firing a glock 40

PS – I like my Glock 40

The people asked for a gun with a greater magazine capacity, greater reliability, greater durability and an ease of use. Gaston Glock responded by making such a gun. Glock’s designs were genuinely innovative. Glock created the World’s most precise and easy to use handguns. Moreover, the three aforementioned guns will linger in minds of gun enthusiasts, they’re among the most popular Glock models.

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